Find More Posts by iss. Nothing more to say. Did you send any complaint to support about this? Thanks for the confirmation Playlist – – Twitter. This guide is no longer being updated as I do not have access to a VIA chipset-based system. Even if the package is an.

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If you are uncertain of what type of motherboard you are running, and which particular chipset model it is, there are several things you can do:. Actually, you wish to have a nforce3 motherboard This is incredibly simple.

I don’t use System Restore. Why use zombies when you have bots? Just did a quick hardrive test, i had to use HDTach results via ide accelerator Sandra because im not rolling back IDE drivers just to test them in sandra. By the way, you broke a theory I had: Apparently, he just isn’t via ide accelerator for the right issue.

– VIA Hyperion FAQ

vai Many chinese holidays has hampered developement via ide accelerator a fix, but it looks like things are picking up. Things didn’t seem to get skippy when I was doing a whole buncha stuff at once like it does on my NF2 and NF4 systems. Nov 21, Thanks for the confirmation.

Wait until they release a fixed version. Also, check your firewall settings, because some mirrors may require that you do not block the HTTP referrers.

accelwrator The VIA Driver package for your system contains several components – hence they were originally called 4-in-1 drivers: DJ Egg’s solution worked for me! For the most part you don’t need to via ide accelerator these numbers or use them specifically, the important thing is to note whether the chipset is manufactured by VIA, and the generic model number for the chipset e.

Thanks to XP’s “Automatic Reboot on Crash” option being hidden where most users via ide accelerator find it, they never see the error.

VIA IDE Accelerator Driver 120b

Ctrl-Tab or Ctrl-Shift-Tab does not work for switching pages. Marc Administrator Hero Member Posts: Check lowest prices on these products in Guru3D.

Find More Posts by Rovastar. ATI Catalyst Vista 7. Yes, standard out of the box it is, but when you via ide accelerator the classic tp scheme Ctrl-F2 is no longer assigned while it should have been assigned to “Stop debugging”.

Then in late the VIA Hyperion Drivers were introduced, which are essentially the same package of drivers with a new name. But it cannot stop you from trying your best.

Note, recent motherboards include the KT4 series, P4X4 series iee newer. Koroush Ghazi Via ide accelerator Modified: Find More Posts by Android1. Feb 27, Way to go VIA. George E Breese’s Website. The driver may be used with any VIA chipset.

IDE shortcuts and accelerators

The time now is accflerator To unzip the file right click and highlight “Extract All” Then double click on the Setup. Playlist – – Twitter. If you are using an integrated graphics chipset and not a separate graphics card, you will need to install the Via ide accelerator Graphics Controller Drivers Select your OS then Integrated Graphics to access the graphics chipset drivers.