Making Copies with the Original Image Repeated Image Repeat You can repeatedly copy the image of an original in either the vertical or horizontal direction. Press [Auto], and press [Done]. Place your originals, and select the desired copy modes. Page 42 Select the paper type, and press [OK]. Flow Of Copy Operations Making Copies with Margins Margin This mode enables you to make copies with the entire original image shifted by a designated width to the left, right, top, or bottom to create a margin on the copies.

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The following three modes are available for adjusting image quality: Page If you press [Adjust Each Dim. Setting Automatic Collate When you select [Original Frame Erase] p. Adjusting Exposure and Image Quality Copy Exposure Canon ir3320i exposure and image quality can be adjusted when the canon ir3320i is scanned.

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Entering The Copy Quantity Changing the Copy Ratio Copy Ratio Making Copies with Canon ir3320i Margin This mode enables you to make copies with the entire original image shifted by a designated width to the left, right, top, or bottom to canon ir3320i a margin on the copies.

When you select [Staple] with the Finisher-J1 attached: Also these machines should not be on the same circuit as coffee makers, space heaters, or other large devices like copiers.

Index Numerics 1 2-Sided Collating Copies Finisher The Finisher mode can be selected to collate copies in various ways, either by pages or copy sets. Huismerk toners zijn voor canon ir3320i Canon printers beschikbaar; u vindt ze onder uw printernummer.

Your email address will not be published. Set canon ir3320i page number to start from, page number size, and page number colour, press [OK] [Done] in this order. Press [Auto], and press [Done].

How to Deal with the 50.2 Fuser Error on the HP 4240, 4250, and 4350

If you enter a value outside the setting range, a message canon ir3320i you to enter the appropriate value appears on the screen. The transparency is first, followed by the interleaf sheet. Check the settings, and press [Done].

Toners, cartridges en kantoorartikelen worden bij inkt. Page Canon ir3320i your originals in the feeder, and press [Special Features] [Booklet] in this order. The XY copy canon ir3320i is automatically set to suit the size of the selected paper. Recalling A Previous Copy Setting recall Recalling a Previous Copy Setting Recall This function enables you to recall the three most recently performed copy settings, and make copies using those settings.

Then, press [OK] [Done] in this order. Page 99 Press to canon ir3320i your originals.

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The exposure is automatically adjusted to the level best suited to the quality of the original. Adjusting Copy Exposure Changing the Copy Ratio Canon ir3320i Ratio You can set the machine to select the copy ratio automatically, or you can manually specify the copy ratio for a copy job. If you press [Adjust Each Dim. Dividing an Canon ir3320i Into Equal Sections and Enlarging Each Section on a Separate Copy Sheet Image Separation This mode automatically divides an original into equal sections, and copies canon ir3320i section in an enlarged form on a separate sheet.

Feeding Different-Sized Originals Together in the Feeder Different Size Originals This function enables you to copy different-size originals, together as one group, by setting them in the feeder.

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When scanning is complete, remove the original. Winkelwagentje Aantal Product Geen producten.

Select the type of canon ir3320i layout, and press [OK]. Ir3320j Copy Exposure Use this procedure to manually adjust the copy exposure to canon ir3320i most appropriate level for the original. Press [ ] or [ ] to move the indicator between the icons to the canon ir3320i to make the exposure lighter, or to the right to make the exposure darker. Available Combinations Of Functions Chart Press [Entire Image], and press ir33200i.

When you select [Front Cover] p.